About Heartfelt Legacies

At Heartfelt Legacies, relationships are at the center. They bring us immense value and worth. Through an old photograph, an endearing story, or a treasured memento, memories are evoked that tug on our heart strings!

Diane Felt has intentionally developed Heartfelt Legacies to assist clients in focusing on their history. Because none of us, whether an individual, a family, or an organization, exists in a vacuum, it is only natural that our story ultimately connects with others. With regard to individuals, one’s history often spans decades and thus generations. When assisting an organization or community in preserving its history, there are frequently many years and a rich history.

With a B.S. degree in Family and Individual Development, Diane is keenly aware of the changes that individual’s experience as well as the transitions in a family over a lifetime. Holding both a minor and a certificate in gerontology, Diane has an appreciation for the issues of aging which also impact an individual and ultimately one’s family and/or intimate circle of friends. Some development theories that she has studied can also be applied to organizations, which may be considered by some as a business or organizational “family” that has experienced its share of transitions.

Diane has interfaced with people and families over the age-span through teaching; volunteering in communities, schools, and churches; and, facilitating intergenerational programming. One intergenerational program paired 5th-6th grade students with residents of a care center. The students interviewed the adults over the course of a year and wrote a play based on the adults’ collective experiences.

She spent two years as a key team member of the Narrative Legacy Project, through her congregation in Denver. Meeting with fellow church members, Diane conducted interviews and facilitated group discussions, which she wrote into a brief narrative story vignette. These stories remained with the individual and were shared with the church. Several of the older individuals who she interviewed have shared their stories with their families. Others requested that their story be used as part of their eulogy one day.

In 2012, Diane’s first client was a 92-year old gentleman with a lengthy career as an aeronautical engineer. In capturing his personal history, Diane ultimately wrote a 22,000-word biography, which included details of his career and lovely family life. Additionally, Diane met with her client and digitized some of his treasured photos, which she then inserted into his manuscript, providing an even richer story. He ordered 25 copies to distribute to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and colleagues.

Time and again, Diane has heard this lamentation,Oh how I wish that my siblings and I would have captured my mother’s story!” or “Our non-profit will be celebrating its 25th anniversary and how we wish that we had our history in one place to share with others!” Don’t delay in capturing your story or that of someone near and dear to you. Please contact Diane at Heartfelt Legacies today to schedule your free consultation.


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