October 18, 2016

Following three years as a very busy Administrative Assistant, I opted to look future-ward and thus leave that position to re-initiate Heartfelt Legacies. My heart has actually never left my passion for capturing stories. In fact since 2014 I’ve been working on preserving my Great-Grandfather Lachlan McLennan’s legacy. He left behind a fantastic handwritten autobiography that has undergone one typewritten transcription in 1983 and now I’m making a digital edition in collaboration with Louis, my “first-cousin-once-removed.” Through my genealogy research, I’ve been able to enhance Lachlan’s story! Plus Louis and I also have many photos to accompany the story. I will share more with my readers as we close in on publishing it!

Please journey with me and Heartfelt Legacies! How I would love to claim one of my readers as my first client of the “Restart the Engine!” phase. Psst….contact me!


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