Find A Grave…An Essential Resource for Genealogy Research!

One of the essentials in conducting genealogy research for your family or clients is using the Find A Grave website: I encourage you to create a free account. There are MILLIONS of graves that are documented from over 200 countries. It is through Find A Grave that I found some of my Patterson and Jackson lineage that I had not found previously. In fact, I contacted the person who photographed the gravestones in that particular cemetery in Warren County, Ohio. He sent me the photo files for ALL of the gravestones from that particular cemetery since the graves were all ancestors of mine! As a result, I now belong to the Warren County Genealogical Society.

Today I spent a couple of hours updating the memorial pages for my parents, infant brother, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great grandparents. One of the keys is to tie the various relationships together. The image below is related to my maternal grandfather, John W. Vale, Jr. Notice that their are Family Links to his spouse (my grandmother) and children (my Mom). Today I requested an edit through Find A Grave to also include links to his parents (my great-grandparents). It sure makes it much easier to follow from one generation to another. Not shown in this image is the Memorial #. This # is unique to the specific person. For John W. Vale, Jr. his Memorial # is 72006264. I can just conduct a new search using that number. To make it even easier, I keep a record of my deceased members’ Find A Grave Memorial #s. It makes it easier when I want to return to each person’s unique memorial page. Plus, I can return to the most distant generation and continue creating Family Links.

Find a Grave Sample

The other nice feature for each Memorial page is that media can be added. I try to add photos of the individuals and perhaps something about them. There are Find A Grave volunteers who also take photos of gravestones. Thus, if you don’t have a photo of the gravestone, you may find that a volunteer has already added it.

I hope you find this resource helpful. Please let me know how you like it!

2 thoughts on “Find A Grave…An Essential Resource for Genealogy Research!

  1. Paul Allen

    Looking for a grave site for James Paul Davis born 8/14/54…died 5/17/2000..buried Cherry cemetary..Hollow Springs…Cannon Co. Tenn…..individual may have been my adopted brother

    1. Diane Post author

      Hello Mr. Allen,
      Thank you for visiting my website and in particular the post on Find a Grave. I’m unable to assist you at this time beyond a few suggestions.

      1. If you visit the Find a Grave website, you can search for the name of an individual or even a cemetery. If you are unable to locate a specific grave, you may also place a request through Find a Grave to see if someone in the vicinity can look for the grave.
      2. Other possibilities would be through the county or state. Perhaps there are adoption records that can be obtained through the state.
      3. Search for an obituary that might provide additional information such as names. Many newspapers are now digitized and available through the public library in the community where the paper is located.

      I hope these suggestions provide some assistance to you.

      Best regards on your journey.
      Heartfelt Legacies


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