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October 18, 2016

Following three years as a very busy Administrative Assistant, I opted to look future-ward and thus leave that position to re-initiate Heartfelt Legacies. My heart has actually never left my passion for capturing stories. In fact since 2014 I’ve been working on preserving my Great-Grandfather Lachlan McLennan’s legacy. He left behind a fantastic handwritten autobiography that has undergone one typewritten transcription in 1983 and now I’m making a digital edition in collaboration with Louis, my “first-cousin-once-removed.” Through my genealogy research, I’ve been able to enhance Lachlan’s story! Plus Louis and I also have many photos to accompany the story. I will share more with my readers as we close in on publishing it!

Please journey with me and Heartfelt Legacies! How I would love to claim one of my readers as my first client of the “Restart the Engine!” phase. Psst….contact me!


Announcing Heartfelt Legacies, LLC

Well after months of experiencing some angst, I have finally registered my business name and officially kicked off my business. I would like to introduce you to Heartfelt Legacies, LLC. I am a Personal Historian, having completed my first client’s story a month ago. I continue to relish in the experience. “Why,” you ask? Because it was a privilege to capture this delightful 92-year old gentleman’s story, which included his lengthy career as an aeronautical engineer and his lovely family life. I also offer a photo organization service, so it was with great enjoyment that I traveled to Illinois to the home of friends in late October, helped them grapple with their photo collection, and scanned photos for the better part of two days for them. Stay tuned for more updates, especially a fully-functioning website, which may take some time and patience. As you’ll see, it is still under construction!

Would you like to find out more about what a Personal Historian does? Please take a few moments to peruse the other pages on my website by simply clicking on the tool-bar beneath the beautiful rainbow photo. Feel free to post a comment and I’ll look forward to penning a reply.

I’m doing a Heartfelt happy dance!