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My Personal Story


Diane Felt

Diane is the eldest of six children. Her parents raised the family on a small farm in Iowa. Ask any of her siblings to share a story about spending hours lost in creative adventures on the farm, and you will be easily entertained. With paternal grandparents living a few miles away and maternal grandparents visiting perhaps twice each year from California, the children were nurtured to respect the richness of each generation. As a young child, Diane was privileged to have four great-grandparents with whom she became acquainted until they died. Her great-grandfather, who Diane nicknamed Baba Pat (for as a toddler she couldn’t say the mouthful “Great-Grandpa Patterson”), lived with her grandparents’ McLennan, so he in particular left an impression on Diane with his soft-spoken manner, thick white mustache, sparking blue eyes, and his hours of rocking in the old cane rocker, which Diane now has. Sharing stories and observing rites of passage together were a natural part of living in an intergenerational family. Birthdays and holidays also involved family and friends along with an extra-special cake, favorite recipes, and snapshots taken to record the event. Searching the audience while singing at the spring concert or playing her clarinet in band, Diane knew to look for her parents and grandparents.

Diane’s Grandma Geneva kept an ongoing family history in scrapbook form, complete with photos, written history, news articles, and mementos. During her grade-school years, Diane began spending at least one night a week at her Grandpa and Grandma’s home in town. Living in the country, her parents weren’t always available to come retrieve her after piano lessons or extracurricular school events, so Diane stayed in town. Invariably, her Grandma had her scrapbook open in order to update the latest news in the family, which sometimes included Diane! Was that special! As Diane stood by her Grandma’s side, she listened to the stories as each page of the scrapbook was turned. This storytelling was repeated many times over the years, instilling in Diane the gift for sharing photos, stories, and genealogy.

In 2010 Diane and her husband left the Chicago suburbs after 32 years in order to move to Denver. They are richly blessed with their family. They have two grown children. Their son and daughter-in-law live in the state of Washington, where the lifestyle is relaxed. Their daughter and son-in-law appreciate living in Colorado, where a range of activities is at their doorstep. They treasure time together as a family and relish sharing their own stories, accomplishments, passion for the outdoors, and travels with one another. Diane is also a photographer: Diane Felt Photography.

Now that Diane has shared a part of her personal history with you, what is keeping you from contacting her to capture your story? Diane offers a free consultation, so please contact her to schedule yours today.