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A Testimonial from a Hometown Friend

“When I read Diane’s historical articles, I feel the passion of the story. Diane writes as though she had lived the life of whom she was writing. I am always drawn in and want to read more. History is not just facts and figures, but an understanding of the people that built our country. The pioneers that had the faith to start anew and make the life for themselves and their family better. Diane can relate first hand with her own heritage. She brings to life stories that need and must be told.”

~ Mitch M., Iowa


Regarding a 22,000-word biography that was completed in October 2012

“Over the years I used to tell my ten grandchildren stories about my experiences during my working career. I also told them about their ancestors and their trip to Minnesota by covered wagon. I had a number of requests to write about these things so they would have a record of them when I was gone. I am ninety-two years old at the present.

Our church has a group of very senior members who meet weekly with our pastor. It was decided that the group had such varied and interesting lives that it might be interesting to document and number of them with biographies that outlined their backgrounds and working experience.

We had a church member, Diane Felt, who had some time available and some wonderful talent who volunteered to document the stories dictated by the senior members. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited to document my story. Diane and I had a conference and decided we could add family data and photographs to make it suitable for the grandchildren requirement.

My story started with me dictating my life story to Diane. She then typed it up and let me review it. We decided to put a number of pictures in the write-up to illustrate the items we were discussing. This included relatives, places where we lived, schools I went to and projects I worked on during my career.

During the production of this project I developed the highest regard for Diane Felt. She understood the requirements of the project thoroughly. She had all of the equipment necessary to produce the work. She knew how to use the equipment. She was very good at correcting spelling and sentence structure. During the final stages she got the best estimates for producing copies and brought the twenty finished copies to my home. I have now got twenty copies of my biography ready to send. These will be Christmas presents. ”

Russ C., Colorado

Regarding a photo organization project that was completed in October 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Not only is Diane a pleasure to work with but her expertise in photo organization shone through as we developed a plan to tackle my pile of family photos. Her attention to detail and ability to press on as we organized, scanned, and labeled led us to get an amazing amount done as we worked together. Now my jumbled mass of photos is in order and I have a system to handle future photos and mementos. I would highly recommend Diane in the area of photo organization!”

Tracy B., Illinois