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My Favorite Dessert

“What’s your favorite dessert?” Roberta asks. My quick reply, “Brownies, girl. Definitely brownies!”

As soon as I stake my claim to a favorite sweet, I begin to daydream……..

Ghiradelli Brownies in the making. Ghiradelli chocolate squares are placed between two layers of brownie batter, where they will melt into a delicious chocolate state!

Brownies. I’m talking the soft, chewy, gooey type of brownies. Even better, bring on the additional tidbits of little extras such as chocolate chips, candy bars, walnuts, or flavorings. Perhaps add a homemade cocoa frosting layer to the top. In my mind the scent of brownies wafting through the house on a cold winter’s day seems to up the temperature indoors to a manageable and cozy feel. Now top that brownie square with a dollop of ala mode, drizzle it with hot fudge sauce, and “Oh Mama!”

To take it up another notch, I would definitely pair that embellished brownie with a hot cup of dark roast coffee with just enough milk to enhance my sipping pleasure. As steam lazily drifts up from my cup of java, I savor the first bite of this chocolaty sensation coined a brownie. Sipping from the rim of my warm mug, I instantly reap the benefits of the coffee melting the brownie with each delicious swallow.

Roberta’s voice quickly snaps me from my wonderful chocolate visions. “You made homemade brownies?” Roberta asks. “What’s the occasion?”

I think. Should I mention that it’s for the potluck at church, or for a crowd of hungry teenagers, or for ‘tis-the-season-to-be-jolly time? Truth be told, they are to soothe this brown-eyed girl’s soul. For some folks, soul-soothing may be like gravy on mashed potatoes or chicken-fried steak. For me, brownies make the world go ‘round.

Roberta eyes the platter piled high with fresh cut brownie squares. Hospitality is extended as I invite my friend to select a brownie. Roberta carefully takes her first bite, closing her eyes, and relishing the moment, then pauses to inquire, “May I have the recipe?”