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How to Write a Brief Narrative

From the memoir and travel writing classes that I’ve taken at Lighthouse Writers Workshop  in Denver and University College at University of Denver, I discovered new ways to approach my ongoing memoir writing. One’s memoir does not have to be a birth through life journey, but instead could be a building collection of snippets and stories.

Suggestions for writing snippets and stories:

First, I may just stop to consider a scene from my life. For instance, maybe it is a favorite memory from my childhood or from my children’s childhood. Putting pen to paper (I really prefer Moleskin pads and a pen with a comfortable grip) or fingers to keyboard, I write about the scene for about 10-15 minutes. This serves as a written snapshot of what occurred.

Second, I may have a photo in front of me, which brings a rush of memories. Again, I write for a brief period of time without stopping, capturing who, what, where, when, and how.

Third, I thrive on using my five senses as part of experiences whether they be travels, activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, or while framing a section of exquisite landscape for taking a photograph. Sensory memories can also provide wonderful writing opportunities.

Please check out  my Reflections posts in the category section of the website. There I I will occasionally add some of my memoir writing that I’ve done and will continue to do. I hope this inspires you to capture your stories. Understandably, not everyone has the time or desire to sit and write one’s personal story. Another wonderful approach is to contact me and permit me to guide you through a series of interviews to capture your memoir.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my journey!